Valance Sheets

Valances are a kind of bed sheet that also includes a frill that goes around your bed for the purposes of decoration. Valance sheets have always been popular for those wanting to cover the base of the bed with a lovely ruched effect or classy pin tuck pleat. Linen valances turn your bed into a luxurious statement feature, available in a coloured, shimmering crushed velvet finish. Browse our range of valances for beds, all machine washable and at low prices.


Considered quite traditional, valances have been making a comeback in recent years. Shop our collection of fitted valance sheets - in single, double, king and king sizes - to cover your entire bed frame and keep everything looking neat and tidy. From contemporary charcoal to classy blush pink, browse the selection and order online, with free UK delivery over £49.




What is a valance sheet?

Sometimes known as a bed skirt or dust ruffle, a valance sheet is designed to cover the area beneath the mattress and hangs down to the floor, concealing the bed's base and frame. Valance sheets are typically made from a lightweight fabric that drapes smoothly, creating a neat look by hiding the structural components of the bed and providing a flowing silhouette. They can also help prevent dust and debris from accumulating beneath the bed, acting as a barrier between the floor and the bed's underside. This can be particularly useful in maintaining cleanliness, especially in bedrooms with hardwood or laminate flooring.