Pillow Cases

Protect your favourite pillows with our range of pillow cases. A new pillow case will help prevent allergens from building on your pillow, with all products tested to ensure their durability. Our collection of pillow covers and V shaped pillow cases are available in a variety of colours to complement the existing aesthetic of your bedroom.


Get a restful night’s sleep and feel rejuvenated by updating your pillow case. Our high quality pillowcases feature an opening flap on one side, which makes it easier to take your cover on and off. Our selection includes teddy fleece pillow cases, which are super soft to ensure a snug night’s sleep.




How do you choose a pillowcase?

Choosing the perfect pillowcase is like finding a cosy companion for your pillow. Firstly, consider the feel and care requirements of different materials like soft cotton, silky satin or easy-care microfibre options. Ensure a proper fit by checking the size of your pillow and selecting a matching pillowcase. Standard sizes usually work, but double-check for a snug fit.

Express your style with patterns, colours or textures that match your existing bedding and bedroom décor. Let your pillowcase add a touch of personality to your space. Set a budget and explore pillowcase options within your range. Quality and affordability can go hand in hand, so find the best value for your needs.


What size is a standard pillowcase?

A standard pillowcase typically measures approximately 50 x 75 centimetre, 20 x 30 inches. This size is designed to fit all commonly used, standard-sized pillows. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific measurements of the pillow itself to ensure a proper fit.


How often should you wash your pillowcases?

It is generally recommended to wash your pillowcases every one to two weeks. Regular washing helps maintain cleanliness, remove oils, sweat, and skin particles, and ensure a fresh sleeping environment. However, the frequency can vary depending on personal preference, allergies and individual circumstances. If you have allergies or tend to sweat more during sleep, you may want to wash them more frequently, such as every few days. Pay attention to any visible stains, odours or changes in the overall freshness of the pillowcase as indicators that it's time for a wash.