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How often should you replace your towels?

You should replace your bath towels every two to three years. With regular washing and use, towels gradually lose their absorbency and softness over time. Replacing them ensures they remain effective and comfortable to use. Checking them regularly for wear and tear helps you know when it's time for new ones. When it comes to buying a new set of towels, be sure to take a look at our towels buying guide for all the considerations you’ll need to make.


Why do some towels go stiff after washing?

Towels can get stiff after washing because leftover detergent doesn't rinse out completely. This buildup makes towels feel rough and less absorbent. Also, not using enough fabric softener can contribute to stiffness. Hard water minerals can worsen the problem by reducing towel softness over time. Adjusting your washing routine regularly can help keep towels soft and comfortable.


How do you get towels soft and fluffy again?

To restore softness and fluffiness to towels, try adding baking soda or vinegar to your wash. Baking soda helps remove soap and chemical residues that can stiffen towels. Simply add half a cup of baking soda along with your regular detergent when washing. Alternatively, vinegar can be effective for softening towels by breaking down mineral buildup. Add about half a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. These methods help maintain your towels' absorbency and comfort, keeping them feeling fresh and plush after each wash.