Eyelet Curtains

Shop our extensive collection of ready made eyelet curtains. Ideal for your bedroom or living room, eyelet curtains use rings so they can slot through your curtain pole, revealing the header of your curtains that can sometimes be hidden away. Choose from a wide selection of fully lined eyelet curtains in popular colours and designs, and get free UK delivery on all orders over £49.

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A practical favourite for any space, eyelet curtains are especially easy to hang and their design allows them to smoothly run along a curtain pole without getting stuck. As with our wider range of ready made curtains, eyelet curtains are available in a range of widths and drops to suit the size of the windows in your room. Suitable for any budget, choose from eyelet curtains in a luxurious crushed velvet finish for a lavish living room or a traditional floral print for a comfy bedroom.



What are eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains feature metal rings at the top of the fabric, allowing them to be easily hung on a curtain pole. This design creates large, deep pleats and gives a modern, clean look to any window. The rings are integrated into the curtain itself, providing a stylish finish with a smooth drape. For more details, read our full curtains buying guide.


How practical are eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains are highly practical for their ease of installation and operation. They smoothly slide along curtain poles without the risk of snagging, making them convenient for daily use. Additionally, their contemporary design adds a stylish touch to any room while maintaining functionality, making them a versatile choice for modern home décor.


Do eyelet curtains need to be double width?

Eyelet curtains do not necessarily need to be double width but it's often recommended for a fuller, more elegant look. Having curtains that are double the width of your window or curtain pole allows for more fabric folds when drawn closed, creating a richer appearance. However, you can still achieve a satisfactory look with curtains that are 1.5 times the width of your pole. This ensures they cover the window adequately while providing a moderate amount of fabric gathering when opened or closed. 


What is the correct way to hang eyelet curtains?

To hang eyelet curtains correctly, start by selecting an appropriate curtain pole or track. Thread each curtain panel onto the pole, ensuring the eyelets face forward and are evenly spaced. Once threaded, position the pole above your window frame, ensuring it's secured properly. Next, slide the curtains along the pole to distribute them evenly. Adjust the curtains so they hang straight and reach the desired length. Finally, step back and ensure the curtains are evenly spaced and draping neatly before completing the installation.