Door Curtain Panels

Shop our collection of door curtains, a novel way to create privacy in an open space. Door curtain panels can also be used for smaller windows, come fully lined and are available in an array of plain styles and printed designs. With a range of colours available - from neutral cream to more striking blush pinks and yellows - browse our door curtains online and get free UK delivery on all orders over £49.


Like blackout curtains, door curtains can also help to block excess natural light from entering your room and keep your space a bit warmer due to their thermal properties. A great choice when it comes to patio doors, French doors and internal doors, our door curtains will add a focal point to any room while using eyelet headers to make installation quick and easy. Make a statement with door curtains or browse our full range of ready made curtains.



What are door curtains?

A door curtain is a decorative and functional piece of fabric that hangs over a doorway, usually covering the opening of a door. It serves several purposes, such as enhancing privacy, controlling light and adding a touch of style to the room. Door curtain panels can come in various materials, colours, patterns and styles to complement the interior décor of your space. They can be used to block drafts, separate rooms or create a more intimate ambiance in certain areas. Additionally, door curtains can be easily pulled aside or tied back to allow easy passage through the doorway.


How wide should a door curtain be?

The width of a door curtain can vary depending on the specific door size, the desired level of coverage and the overall aesthetic you're aiming for in your space. As a general guideline, a door curtain should ideally be about 1.5 to 2 times the width of the door it will be covering. For example, if your door is 36 inches wide, a suitable width for the door curtain panel might be around 54 to 72 inches.

This extra width allows the curtain to gather or pleat when it's closed, providing a more attractive and functional appearance. It also ensures that the curtain can be fully closed to effectively block light or provide privacy.