Fitted Sheets

Shop our collection of fitted sheets to avoid waking in the middle of the night with scrambled sheets between your feet. Our range of linen fitted sheets are finished with snug elastics on all four corners, making it very difficult for the sheet to move out of place. Our fitted bed sheets are available in a range of colours, with free UK delivery available on orders over £49.


While bed sheets are needed to protect your mattress, they can also complement and tie the theme of your bedroom together as they can be found in an array of colours. Our fitted sheets are available in polycotton, 100% polyester or 100% cotton, and in a range of sizes, from 25cm to extra deep sizes. As part of our range of teddy bedding, we also stock warm and cosy teddy fleece fitted sheets.



What is the difference between flat and fitted sheets?

A flat sheet is a large, rectangular piece of fabric that lies on top of the mattress without elastic corners. It adds an extra layer between you and your blanket or duvet for comfort.

A fitted sheet has elastic edges sewn into its corners, allowing it to tightly fit around the mattress. This helps the sheet stay in place without slipping during sleep. Fitted sheets are handy for making the bed quickly and keeping it looking neat.

Flat sheets are versatile and can be used as a top layer or alone in warmer weather. Fitted sheets are essential for a snug fit over the mattress, making bed making easier and enhancing comfort.


Is it better to buy a bigger fitted sheet?

When choosing a fitted sheet, opt for one that's a bit bigger than your mattress size. This ensures the sheet can tuck neatly under the mattress, staying smooth and secure as you sleep. It prevents the sheet from bunching up or slipping off, making your bed easier to manage. This way, you'll enjoy a comfortable night's sleep without having to constantly adjust the sheet.


What thread count is best for fitted sheets?

For comfortable and durable fitted sheets, look for thread counts between 200 and 600. This range strikes a good balance, ensuring softness and longevity. Higher thread counts can feel denser, like luxury hotel sheets, but for everyday use and easy maintenance, sticking with 200 to 600 thread count sheets is best. These sheets feel smooth, hold up well over time and are simple to care for with regular washing.