Put a stop to spills and stains on your table with our durable collection of cotton and polyester tablecloths. Easy to care for and machine washable, our selection of cheap tablecloths will allow you to set the scene at dinner time. Dress your dining table or add that finishing touch to your kitchen table with our range of coloured tablecloths for sale, with free UK delivery on all orders over £49.


A tablecloth is a piece of cloth that can be spread across your table, especially useful at meal times to protect the table from spills and add additional decoration. Choose from luxurious jacquard designs, traditional checked patterns or plain, faux silk options. From vibrant red shades to subtle cream tones, we have linen tablecloths to suit any space, all at low prices.



Are tablecloths still fashionable?

Tablecloths are still stylish and practical in home décor. They add elegance to dining spaces and come in designs that suit both casual and formal settings. Whether you prefer classic or modern patterns, tablecloths protect tables and enhance dining aesthetics. They remain a fashionable choice for adding charm and sophistication to mealtime.


How do you measure for a tablecloth?

To measure for a tablecloth, first measure the length and width of your table's top surface. Add about 16 inches to each measurement to allow for an 8 inch overhang on all sides. Round your measurements to the nearest inch when choosing a tablecloth size to ensure it fits well and looks good in your dining area.