Geometric Bedding

Shop our collection of geometric bedding, an increasingly popular on-trend option which consists of a printed arrangement of shapes like squares, triangles and hexagons. The bold, abstract lines and repeated elements of geometric duvet covers work particularly well in ultra modern bedrooms. With fabrics inspired by Scandi design, geometric bedding sets can be found in a whole array of styles and colours.


Our selection of geometric bedding sets is very diverse. From bright, eye-catching printed duvet covers that infuse a burst of energy into your space to the luxurious, plush embrace of crushed velvet bedding adorned with embossed geometric patterns, our collection caters to an array of tastes and style preferences.

As with our wider range of bedding and duvet covers, our geometric duvet sets provide an extensive selection of sizes and materials. Whether you seek the soft caress of cotton, the sleek elegance of microfibre or the sumptuous luxury of velvet, we have options to suit your comfort needs. Our sets typically include a duvet cover and matching pillowcases, ensuring a cohesive and well-coordinated look for your bed. Many also come in a twin pack, with one set of geometric bedding and a second set which has an ombre effect in the same colour scheme.

Our geometric bedding sets are available in an array of colours. Choose from the soothing serenity of duck egg blue to the striking allure of midnight black. Find solace in the soft blush of rose pink or embrace the classic sophistication of charcoal grey. If you seek a burst of energy, there's the fiery charm of orange, and for lovers of timeless elegance, opt for the pure simplicity of crisp white.