Boudoir Cushions

The ultimate accessory for your bedroom, shop our collection of boudoir cushions. An increasingly popular addition, coordinate your boudoir cushions with your bedding and duvet covers. A must have to add the finishing touch to any bedroom, choose boudoir cushions in a range of stunning designs. With free UK delivery on all orders over £49, browse our selection of bed cushions.


A boudoir cushion, also known as a decorative pillow or a throw pillow, is a small cushion typically used as an ornamental accessory for beds, sofas or chairs. It is named after the boudoir, a private and intimate space where one can relax and unwind. They are typically smaller in size compared to standard bed pillows and come in various shapes.

Strictly for decoration, a boudoir cushion is ideal for adding a touch of style to your bedroom. Create a glamorous look with our beautifully embellished crushed velvet options finished with diamante borders or create a contemporary space with cushions for your bed featuring geometric patterns in colours like blue, red, pink, grey and white. These cushions are known for their decorative qualities, featuring exquisite detailing and intricate embroidery.

Boudoir cushions are versatile accessories that can be easily mixed and matched with other pillows and bedding elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing arrangement. Complementing your existing bedding and duvet covers, our boudoir cushions will make a stylish addition to your home.