Ready Made Curtains

Add that finishing touch to your room with ready made curtains. Our extensive collection of curtains includes a variety of designs and styles, from bold printed curtains to subtle options in an array of pastel colours and neutral shades. Suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and even your kitchen, ready made curtains come in different sizes, so you can pick the width and drop needed for your space. Browse our full range of ready made curtains online, with free UK delivery on all orders over £49.

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From thick fabric curtains with blackout lining to elegant voile panels, our selection of ready made curtains will allow you to dress your windows to add personality to your décor while also maintaining privacy. Create a luxurious look with textured crushed velvet curtains or make your bedroom that little bit more fresh and cosy with lightweight floral options.

All of our ready made curtains for sale are easy to hang, fully lined and - in many cases - machine washable. Our range of curtains are suitable for whichever curtain pole or track system you are using, with both pencil pleat and eyelet curtain options available. When you buy curtains from Linens Online, you’ll benefit from low prices suitable for any budget.




What are ready made curtains?

Ready-made curtains are pre-designed curtains that are ready for immediate use and do not require any additional alterations. They come in standard sizes and are typically available in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. Compared to custom made curtains, ready made curtains offer convenience and simplicity as they are ready to be hung straight out of the package. Our curtains are available in various standard lengths or drops and widths to fit different window sizes and can be easily hemmed if necessary.


What sizes do ready made curtains come in?

The size of curtains can refer to both the width and the drop (or length). Ready made curtains are often labelled with their width in inches or centimetres. Standard widths can range from 46 inches (117 cm) to 90 inches (229 cm). Wider widths are suitable for larger windows or for creating fuller and more gathered curtain looks.

The drop or length of ready made curtains refers to the measurement from the top of the curtain to the bottom. Common lengths include 54 inches (137 cm), 72 inches (183 cm), 90 inches (229 cm) and 108 inches (274 cm). These lengths are designed to accommodate various window heights and allow for a desired amount of floor clearance.


How do you measure for a new pair of curtains?

Measuring for new curtains is a straightforward process that ensures you choose the right size for your windows. Firstly, decide whether your curtains will hang from a curtain track or a curtain pole. This will determine where you need to measure.

Measure the width of the track or the total width of the pole, excluding any decorative finials. For the track, measure its full length. For the pole, measure from one end to the other. You then want to determine where you want the curtains to fall. Measure from the top of the track or the bottom of the curtain rings on the pole to the desired length. For more details, take a look at our full guide on how to measure your windows for curtains.