Nursing Pillows

Shop our collection of nursing pillows, designed with mommy in mind. No one quite understands a restless night like a pregnant mum-to-be but, with a c-shaped or u shaped pregnancy pillow, you’ll be able to relax and easily get to sleep. A nursing pillow is also ideal for use when breastfeeding, allowing you to elevate your baby to a comfortable position for feeding. Browse our full range of pregnancy pillows, and get free UK delivery on all orders over £49.


Featuring a 100% cotton cover and polyester filling, our nursing pillows come with a zip fastening and are easily washed and dried. Choose from a selection of cute designs, from blue polka dots and grey stripes to solid pink and pregnancy pillows with stars. Nurture your baby with our extensive selection of breastfeeding pillows.



How do you choose a breastfeeding pillow?

When choosing a breastfeeding pillow, consider its comfort, support, shape and material. Look for one that fits your body well and is gentle on your baby's skin. You might prefer a smaller, portable pillow or one with adjustable features. Reading reviews can help you find a pillow that meets both your needs and budget.


When should you start using a nursing pillow?

You can start using a nursing pillow as soon as you feel comfortable after giving birth. Many new mothers find it helpful to use a nursing pillow right from the beginning, as it can provide support and help position the baby correctly during breastfeeding sessions.


Does a breastfeeding pillow help with latching?

Yes, a breastfeeding pillow can help with latching by providing support and positioning assistance for both the baby and the breastfeeding parent. It can help bring the baby to the correct height and angle for a good latch, which is essential for successful breastfeeding.