Curtain Tiebacks

Shop our collection of curtain tiebacks, the perfect accessories to give that finishing touch to your window dressing. Complement your curtains and gather them in style with versatile tiebacks designed to work with almost any pair of curtains. Choose from traditional rope tiebacks, beaded modern curtain holdbacks or diamante tie backs for a more lavish look.


Discover our exquisite collection of curtain tiebacks, essential for adding that final flourish to your window decor. Whether you're aiming for a classic or contemporary look, our versatile tiebacks are designed to complement any curtain style with ease.

Tiebacks have commonly been used to hold back curtains in order to create the perfect drape shape. While they are considered a traditional accessory, they are also suitable for modern properties, especially in cases where you have wide and long curtains that should be gathered to look their sumptuous best.

Choose from a variety of options including traditional rope tiebacks, elegant beaded curtain holdbacks, or luxurious diamante tiebacks for a touch of opulence. Whether you prefer a subtle shade to blend in seamlessly or a bold colour to make a statement, our range of curtain tiebacks offers something for every taste and decor theme. Explore our collection and find the perfect tiebacks to complete your window dressing, ensuring both style and functionality.