Kitchen Curtains

Shop our collection of ready made kitchen curtains to refresh your space for less. Whether you are looking for bolder, modern kitchen curtains or traditional kitchen curtains suitable for a farmhouse or country kitchen, our range includes an array of styles, designs and colours. From gingham check patterns to floral prints, browse our full range of ready made kitchen curtains, with free UK delivery on all orders over £49.


Adding curtains to your kitchen windows is a great way to give your room a new lease of life. Kitchen curtains will give you additional privacy, as well as complementing the overall décor of your space. Our ready made kitchen curtains are made from 100% cotton, and come with matching tiebacks and pelmets. Like our wider range of curtains, our kitchen curtains are machine washable, so you can rest assured that they are long lasting and easy to maintain.



What are kitchen curtains?

Kitchen curtains are window treatments specifically designed for use in kitchens. They serve both functional and decorative purposes, adding style and practicality to the kitchen space. Kitchen curtains come in various styles, materials, colours, and patterns, often utilising Gingham check fabrics.

Kitchen curtains regulate light and provide privacy, allowing you to control glare, block unwanted views from passersby and offer a small amount of additional insulation on colder days. Decoratively, they add both rustic charm and create a pretty focal point for your kitchen.


How do you hang kitchen curtains?

Hanging kitchen curtains is a straightforward process that starts with measuring your window for the right fit. Choose your preferred curtain style, such as valance, tier or panel. Gather the necessary supplies, including a curtain rod, brackets, rings, level, tape measure and screwdriver.

Begin by installing the curtain rod above the window, ensuring it is level and secure. Attach curtain rings to the curtains if you're using them. Slide the curtains onto the rod or rings and position the rod onto the brackets.

Smooth out wrinkles and adjust the curtains for an even appearance. Finally, step back and assess the overall look to ensure they align properly and complement your kitchen's design.


What’s the difference between kitchen and café curtains?

Kitchen curtains and café curtains are two distinct types of window treatments that serve different purposes and have distinct styles. Kitchen curtains cover the entirety of your window when closed. Café curtains, on the other hand, are typically shorter window treatments that cover only the lower portion of a window. They were traditionally used in cafés and bistros to allow natural light into the space while still offering some privacy for patrons. Café curtains are a popular choice for kitchens, as they maintain privacy at the lower half of the window while letting in ample light from the upper half.