Pedestal Mats

Shop our collection of bathroom pedestal mats. Uniquely shaped to be used around your wash basin or toilet, our pedestal and sink mats can be coordinated with our wider selection of bath mats. A must have for more traditional bathrooms, browse our full range of pedestal mats and get free UK delivery on orders over £49.


Pedestal mats are small, rectangular mats designed to be placed around the base of a toilet. They are specifically shaped to fit around the bottom of the toilet bowl and often have a cutout or contour that accommodates the toilet's base.

Toilet pedestal mats offer comfort, hygiene and floor protection. They enhance bathroom aesthetics, provide a cushioned surface for your feet and guard against water splashes. Their compact size makes them easy to clean and maintain.

These mats go beyond mere functionality, doubling as a statement of style. Elevate your bathroom décor effortlessly, as these mats introduce a unique aesthetic flair that complements your personal taste. Choose from an array of colours, such as serene blue, sophisticated grey, vibrant yellow and timeless natural hues, to seamlessly integrate with your existing décor scheme.

Our sink mats are made of a soft and fluffy material, offering additional comfort for you when using the toilet as well as providing a way of adding a personal touch to your bathroom décor. Browse our full range of pedestal mats and rest assured your bathroom will be looking its best for longer.