Sherpa Blankets & Throws

Shop our collection of Sherpa throws. These super soft Sherpa blankets will keep out the cold and ensure you have an utterly relaxing, warm and snug experience, especially on a cold winter night. Sherpa fleece throw blankets are made from polyester, meaning that they are machine washable and very easy to care for. Available in a range of sizes and array of colours, such as red, blue, purple, pink and yellow, get free UK delivery on all orders over £49.


A Sherpa blanket is a type of soft blanket made from a combination of two different materials; a plush, faux-fur side and a smooth, velvety side. The plush side is designed to resemble the texture of Sherpa wool, which is traditionally used for its warmth and comfort in cold climates.

The plush side of a Sherpa blanket is made from synthetic materials like polyester that mimic the softness and warmth of natural fur. This side provides exceptional insulation, making the blanket ideal for keeping warm during colder seasons. The velvety side of the Sherpa fleece blanket is typically made from microfibre, adding to the blanket's overall comfort.

A Sherpa fleece blanket is the perfect addition to a bed and sofa to add that finishing touch to your room, whether you opt for a vibrant red shade or a subtle natural tone. Warm and comfy, kick back and relax when you choose a high quality Sherpa throw. For more options, browse our extensive range of blankets and throws.