Patchwork Bedspread Sets

Shop our collection of patchwork bedspreads, with free UK delivery on orders over £49. Delve into a world where patchwork stories unfold. Each patchwork bedspread set is a testament to the artistry of yesteryears and the warmth of a country home.


These bedspreads pay homage to the timeless art of quilting, a craft that weaves together pieces of history into a tapestry of comfort and style. The patchwork designs evoke a sense of cherished heritage, as if each stitch carries a memory of a simpler time. Experience the tactile luxury of quilted textures that evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia.

Incorporating vintage patterns and motifs, our collection of patchwork bedspread sets celebrates the rustic beauty of country living. The patchwork pieces come together like a patchwork quilt, creating an ambiance that feels like a warm embrace from the past.